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Automatic cassava peeling machine: Completed after 15 years
Pursuing the idea of an automatic cassava (tapioca) peeling machine, within 15 years, Mr. Nguyen Linh in Chu Ty town (Duc Co border district, Gia Lai province) spent a lot of effort and money. However, he was extremely pleased to have his "dream" machine in five different versions.

In Chu Ty town, who doesn't know Mr. Linh, a pepper and cassava farmer who doesn't spare money to invest in exploring the cassava peeling machine for many cassava growers have the opportunity to use. This idea came to Mr. Linh around the 2000s, when his whole Gia Lai province had more than 24 thousand hectares of land for cassava cultivation. In the harvest season, looking at the people around him peeling cassava by hand, it took a lot of time and effort but the results were not high, Mr. Linh thought he needed to make an automatic cassava peeler so that everyone could enjoy the time. People who work hard but still peel a large amount of cassava, and at the same time spend a lot of time on other production stages.

According to this amateur inventor, at that time, cassava was a short-term crop of the people here, grown in planting locations far from residential areas. Therefore, each harvest, everyone has to spend both effort and money to be able to complete a full process, such as digging the tubers, transporting them to the village, peeling, slicing and drying them and then selling them to the starch processing plant, in which peeling takes the most effort and time. Mr. Linh said: 'In the past, people mainly used shaving knives, double-edged knives to peel cassava, even if they were used to their hands, each person could only peel 300kg per day.

Like many other amateur inventors in many other rural areas in Vietnam, Mr. Linh is not a technical person. Therefore, the way he embarked on "researching" the cassava peeling machine with the "innocent" belief that "it will be done quickly, it won't take too much time" is not really methodical but has enough passion to do it followed a path that spanned nearly 15 years. Unfortunately, during that time, in pursuit of his goal, he sold many valuable family assets to invest in research.

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