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Counterfeit building materials, rampant imitation and potential dangers
Recently, the situation of iron prices has increased, causing the problem of fake goods, imitation goods, and poor quality goods, despite the provisions of the law just for profit.

Fake, imitation, poor quality building materials are rampant

Since the beginning of the year, investors and homeowners have started to construct many construction projects and residential houses, so the market of building materials has also started to be more active. There are a number of subjects who carry out the production of fake goods, imitation goods, and poor quality goods despite the provisions of the law just for profit.

Rolling doors, security doors, plastic pipes, ceramic tiles, toilets to small important items, such as fire alarms, security locks, and anti-thefts used in buildings have all been counterfeited. Even iron, steel and aluminum are counterfeited brands. When the price of input materials increases, it is even more an opportunity for small businesses to "evade the law", creating poor quality products but branded labels to cover the eyes of customers.

The situation of counterfeiting and imitation in this field is becoming more and more sophisticated. In addition to having logos, names, and packaging counterfeiting big brands, even these products still have enough warranty stamps and QR codes for traceability like real goods.

It is known that counterfeit goods in the construction sector can be imported from China but are "disguised" by Vietnamese brands, world famous brands or some domestic objects for profit, have purchased materials poor quality then "transformed" into reputable brands. Counterfeit items are much cheaper than genuine products and have diverse, eye-catching designs and colors that are difficult to distinguish. Worth mentioning, these products not only make businesses difficult but also potentially dangerous.

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