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Disseminate and guide the application of standards and regulations: Supporting enterprises to improve productivity and quality
In the context of increasingly fierce economic competition today, for sustainable development, businesses must operate more efficiently through the application of a variety of measures and solutions. Among them, standards/regulations are effective tools to help enterprises realize their potential in the global market.

The system of national standards (TCVN) and National Technical Regulations (QCVN) of Vietnam by the end of December 2020 has more than 13,000 TCVNs and over 700 QCVNs of 14 ministries and construction industries to manage quality of group 2 products and goods in the fields of ministries and branches under their management related to hygiene, safety, health, security and environment. The system of TCVN and QCVN has contributed to meeting the requirements of serving the state management of ministries, branches, localities and enterprises to serve the needs of socio-economic development of the country in the current period.

In 2020, the Vietnam Institute of Standards and Quality was assigned by the Ministry of Science and Technology to organize 6 conferences and disseminate 30 TCVN, 4 QCVN to nearly 340 enterprises and organizations. These are units directly related to key product and service sectors, such as iron and steel, helmets for motorcyclists, motorbikes, gasoline, diesel fuel and biofuels, and petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas, human resource management and social responsibility.

The conference discussed the criteria for olefins in gasoline for level 5 in the draft QCVN amending and supplementing, proposing additional research in TCVN on methods of determining iron content by inductively coupled plasma emission spectroscopy (ICP); Guidance on how to apply TCVN 6702 (ASTM D 3244) in assessing the conformity of gasoline samples with technical standards specified in the regulation. Proposing the Directorate of Standard, Metrology and Quality to consider amending Decision No. 2150/QD-TCC on promulgating regulation conformity certification guidelines for gasoline, diesel fuel and biofuel in accordance with national technical regulations QCVN 1:2009 /BKHCN, Circular No. 14/2012/TT-BKHCN and Circular No. 30/2014/TT-BKHCN.

Exchanging regulations on LPG used as a solvent in industry, guiding the application of TCVN regulations QCVN 8:2019/BKHCN on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) newly signed and promulgated by the Ministry of Science and Technology to replace QCVN 8:2012/ BKHCN and guide organizations to apply 06 TCVN on human resource management and 01 TCVN on guiding social responsibility. These are national standards on human resource management and social responsibility to meet the increasing needs of businesses, organizations and universities, especially during the fourth industrial revolution. With the expectation from these popular conferences, the development and application of standards and regulations will be increasingly synchronized, effectively promoting the role of standardization activities in the overall development of the economy - society.

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