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Solid-liquid separation filtration technology applied in industrial production, agriculture and waste treatment
On September 14, 2023, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology organized a workshop "Solid - liquid separation filtration system applied in industrial production, agriculture and waste treatment". This is one of the activities of the Ho Chi Minh City Technology Exchange in 2023, implemented by the Center for Science and Technology Information and Statistics (CESTI).

At the workshop, Mr. Pham Tan Tai (Uchimura Vietnam Co., Ltd.) shared a variety of filtration technologies, using many different types of screens (such as woven screens, perforated screens, and perforated screens, wedge wire, and etc.). In particular, Uchimura Vietnam is providing filtration technologies such as separation filtration technology, solid and liquid separation; filtering technology separated by magnitude (hierarchical); technology to increase liquid concentration (concentration); Filtration technology reduces water content in water-containing products (dewatering). Depending on the needs, these technologies are applied in different methods.

Solid-liquid separation filtration system applied in industrial production, agriculture and waste treatment provided by Uchimura Vietnam equipped with Wedge Wire screens

 (Wedge Wire Screen - wedge wire) – type of screen, screen is made based on the arrangement of wedge wires with an inverted triangular cross-section on the support bar, creating equal gaps, is a multi-layer functional screen with high durability, high filtration efficiency, less clogging. Wedge Wire screens have a separation and classification feature, operating based on the arrangement of gaps created by uniformly arranging inverted triangular wedge wires on the support bar (support material), which is Widely used in water filtration technology, solid-liquid separation, decentralization, water withdrawal or concentration, and etc. provided by TOYO SCREEN (Japan).

Mr. Pham Tan Tai said that the solid-liquid separation filtration system applied in industrial production, agriculture and waste treatment is applied to many industries and fields, such as recovery of fine plastic powder in production wastewater of plastic production; remove fine fibers, collect cotton residue in textiles; collecting fine pulp, circulating washing water in wood processing, removing blue-green algae from ponds and lakes in the environmental industry; Recovering bran residue from pickle brine and synthetic bran residue in food processing; remove and concentrate residues in beverage wastewater; remove residue and feathers from poultry farm wastewater; pipe cutter cooling water treatment; PET plastic recycling; recycle plastic bags; Used to filter hydrolyzed protein solutions, fish sauce and other food solutions...

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