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The model of raising swiftlets applying IoT
Many localities, such as Da Huoai, Bao Lam, Lam Ha districts, Bao Loc city (Lam Dong) have had many 2-storey, 3-storey, 4-storey bird nest houses. However, not all swiftlet houses can attract swiftlets because the technical stages are not guaranteed.

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The most important step in the technique of raising swiftlets is to build a house for the birds to live in. The swiftlet is a wild, untamed species, accustomed to living in natural caves. Therefore, in order to attract swiftlets, it is necessary to create a natural living environment so that they always feel safe.

In addition to the large initial investment, the technique of raising swiftlets is quite complicated to note such as the technique of building a house for the nest, the location of the bird's nest, the opening time of the speaker, the type of speaker, the volume, the sound inside and outside the house, the layout misting system.

Today, with the development of science and technology, swiftlet farming applies 4.0 technology, specifically IoT technology, to make everything simpler.

Using the IoT system to help birders manage the bird's nest better, with a mobile phone you can manage the bird's nest anytime, anywhere.

Detecting problems of swiftlet house in time to handle (amplifier, misting system is broken...); create the best environment for the swiftlets to live and nest, increase the flock and the quality of the white nests, which are more beautiful thanks to the right humidity and temperature.

In addition, the application software can also trace the origin of the bird's nest to serve the official export market, without worrying about the bird's nest depreciating in price, difficult to sell.

The IoT system in the birdhouse also has a number of other advanced functions such as using both power systems: grid power and UPS backup power.

Use a 2-speaker system that works alternately to ensure the life of the amp (design the operation of each speaker alternately, never work at the same time).

Sensor-based humidification mist system with active operation time (eg, 80 - 85% humidification during the day, at night, turn off the humidification so that the swiftlets don't get cold in the winter months).

The system warns the bird's nest through text messages (damage to equipment, machinery, lack of water, humidifier...). The sensor counts the number of swiftlets in the house. Record the power consumption of the bird's nest, detect broken speakers and amps.

The application can set up an operating schedule of up to 365 days, so when the bird's nest has to go away, this feature will help take care of the bird's nest.

With the above process, make sure to create the most favorable environment for the nest to live and nest. Improve the quality and efficiency of the bird's nest, monitor and control the status of the bird's nest anytime, anywhere.

The specific process of setting up a bird house is as follows. Birds raising can refer to raising swiftlets according to IoT technology to monitor the bird's nest remotely like AgriConnect Digital Agriculture Company; In Lam Dong, the company now opens a showroom in Bao Loc city: NYRIKEN store, address 969A Tran Phu, Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province.

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