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Green Development
A young group who is passionate science research, built a clean water work for people in Gia Hoa, and U village, Ma Noi commune, Ninh Son district, Ninh Thuan province.
At head office of Ministry of Science and Technology, it took place the first meeting of Project Steering Committee on 'Strengthening production and use of adobe bricks in Vietnam."
Final round "Eco Driving - Economy Fuel of Honda Vehicles" (Honda EMC 2015) in Vietnam in 2015 took place at the National Convention Center (Hanoi) on April 12, set a new record with a liter of petrol a vehicle can go over 2.109km, exceeding the record of 1,164km in 2014.
On February 4, Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City and Luong The Vinh Primary School, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city launched a green school model at Luong The Vinh primary school.
Vietnam will become an energy importer. While renewable energy sources (wind, solar and etc) are virtually untapped, use of non-renewable energy sources (rough oil, coal and etc) is gradually exhausted. If we do not get measures, reasonable strategies in energy conservation issues and use energy efficiently, as result in the not too distant future we will be severe shortage of energy.
According to Decision No 53 of Prime Minister on the roadmap for biofuel consumption (E5) in the market, on December 1, 2014, the road motor vehicles in 7 provinces and cities have to use E5 bio gasoline.
Green Square has a solar power system with capacity of 212 kWp and is connected to the building grid. The building is also a part of Big C supermarket which is considered as the first Green Supermarket in Vietnam.
Scientists at the Institute of Big Bang, England have used plants to capture energy and help illuminate the decorative bulbs on the Christmas pines. These pines will be placed in the Southbank (London) to create a spectacular sight for the first time in the world.
On Sept. 19, Ha Noi People’s committee began to build hazardous industrial waste treatment system for a generator in Nam Son, Soc Son district. This is the first factory that can turn wastes into electricity.
International workshop and exhibition on “ Experiencing Effective Green Energy” will take place on 13h30 26/10 in Reunification Palace, Vietnam.
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