» Today: 27/05/2024
The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has just announced the need to attract experts and scientists in the field of agriculture to work at the Management Board of the High-Tech Agricultural Park in Ho Chi Minh City.
Scientists at the Vietnam and Japan Natural Museum in collaboration with the Royal Belgian Academy of Natural Sciences have announced the discovery of some new insects in Vietnam.
The half-moon lunar eclipse occurred at dawn on June 6 in Vietnam. This is an opportunity for astronomers to witness the amazing natural phenomenon.
To survive, the male lion has trained his children how to hunt prey even when they are playing.
Scientists have uncovered evidence of a massive underground ocean of water on Saturn’s Enceladus moon. According to NASA, the Cassini spacecraft made gravity measurements that show the internal structure of the moon – including a sea of water underneath the moon’s icy crust. The discovery sparks scientific interest once again in Enceladus as a potential home for extraterrestrial life within our solar system.
Researchers recently discovered a gold star with largest size until now. It is brighter than the sun.
It is cold to freeze Niagara waterfall in Eastern North America in the past several weeks, create extremely spectacular scenery, and turn this place into an attractive tourist destination.
Climate change accompanied by global warming, floods, natural disasters that caused forests to be ragged, bleached coral reef or reduced record water levels.
World Water Day 2014 with the theme "Water and Energy" aims to improve awareness about the close relationship between two basic elements, concurrently calls for search and management measures to maintain economic growth and meet human needs through sustainable exploitation of water resources and efficient use of energy towards green growth economy.
The incredible images capture the exciting landscapes of “the oldest desert” in the world.
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