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The earth is before and after climate change
Climate change accompanied by global warming, floods, natural disasters that caused forests to be ragged, bleached coral reef or reduced record water levels.

Photo of Rocky Mountain National Park with healthy and rising pines previously stretch tens of millions of square meters in the northwestern U.S. and western of Canada.



Under the impact of climate change and warming temperatures, insects are developing and devastating the pine forests. Many dead pines are turning into yellow, and replacing previously fresh green.


Gorgeous Great Barrier reef in Australia has been ever considered one of the most diverse biosphere areas in the world. Great Barrier reef that stretches 2,600 km, is a living place for many small creatures.



The acidified process and rising temperatures due to climate change is the biggest threat to reefs. Warming water temperatures cause corals to turn white and have risks to die gradually. The disappearance of coral reefs also impact negatively on the ecosystem of the ocean.


Danube is the second longest river in Europe. Danube river is considered the gateway to trade and support industrial development, fishing, agriculture.


In the period 2011 - 2012, under the impact of climate change, a prolonged drought caused the water level of the Danube river to be cut a record level. The river water receded to cause many ships to be beached and paralyzed waterway activities.



The large snowpack are covered by Matterhom mountain peak, one of Europe's highest mountain, located in the Alps range between the border of Italy and Switzerland. Photo took in 1960.


Photo took mountain peak in 2005, Matterhom gradually becomes to be eroded, leaded to melting ice phenomenon due to climate change.


The iceberg are almost completely disappeared in this area, the photo was recorded in 2005. Instead of the different large and small icebergs, here there are only remaining stone gravel and vegetation carpets.



San Blas Island in Panama is a living place of the Guna. Guna's life on the floating houses threatened by the effects of climate change.



Global warming causes sea levels to rise. The people live in the island to suffer prolonged flood situation when the rainy season comes.


Map compared to temperatures in the regions of the world in 1951 and 1980


The concentration of C02 in the atmosphere in July, 2003. The red spots represent areas where have C02 gas concentrations at 380 ppm (380/1 million units).


Photo had been taken 4 years later, the area appeared more red, indicating the amount of C02 emitted globally more and more.

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