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Tien Giang: Applying technical advances to restore durian trees after drought and salinity
Dr. Nguyen Hong Thuy and his colleagues have completed a research project on a durian garden model applying advanced techniques to recover from salinity drought and adapt to saltwater intrusion in Tien Giang, helping durian growers cope with the ongoing saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta.

Durian is a perennial crop in Tien Giang province, has great economic value but is sensitive to salinity. Forecasts say saline intrusion could be higher and cause serious damage to durian growing areas. However, the area planted with durian is still increasing, especially in the western districts. Farmers have deployed many response measures, such as providing fresh water and applying organic fertilizer to reduce damage. There is a need for sustainable solutions and the contribution of science and technology.

Applying techniques to restore durian trees after drought and salinity in Tien Giang province is being promoted through the approval of the Durian tree development project until 2025 and the High-tech agricultural development plan for the period of 2022 -2025. The goal is to increase the application of technology in production to improve productivity and product quality.

The research project on restoring durian gardens after drought and saltwater intrusion in Tien Giang has been implemented and has achieved positive results after 3 years. The project has developed a process for cultivating durian trees using biology - organic to recover after drought and salinity and built a durian garden model applying this process. The results of the study have been compiled for training and replication, helping farmers respond to saline intrusion more effectively in the future.

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