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Announcing the discovery of some new insects in Vietnam
Scientists at the Vietnam and Japan Museum of Nature in collaboration with the Royal Belgian Academy of Natural Sciences have announced the discovery of some new insects in Vietnam.

This information was published by researcher Pham Hong Thai (Vietnam Natural Museum of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) on May 27.

Accordingly, the entomologists of the Vietnam and Japan National Museum have announced a new species of beetle scientifically named Rhyparus vietnamicus Ochi, Kusui, Pham, 2018.

Scientists from the Royal Belgian Royal Institute of Natural Sciences and the Vietnam Museum of Nature have announced two new cicada species of the genus Sogana, the family Tropiduchidae, the subspecies Auchenorrhyncha and the Hemiptera.

Specifically, the species Rhyparus vietnamicus Ochi, Kusui, Pham, 2018 belongs to Rhyparus, Rhyparini, Aphodiinae, Scarabaeidae, Coleoptera. The specimen of this species is collected in Lao Cai province, with a body size of 7.7 - 7.9 mm. With the release of Rhyparus vietnamicus Ochi, Kusui, Pham, 2018, so far the number of Rhyparus species recorded to be distributed in Vietnam is 2 species.

The two new cicada species are named Sogana bachmana Constant & Pham, 2019 with a male body of 29 mm long and Sogana baviana Constant & Pham, 2019 with a male body of 23.5 mm long. Worldwide, there are 660 species belonging to the Tropiduchidae family, while in Vietnam there are 18 species belonging to this family. Sogana has 11 species recorded in the world, of which 3 species are recorded in Vietnam.

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