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Khanh Son durian brand has risk of "disappearance"
This year, Khanh Son durian brand is more likely to disappear beause of drought, lead to the gardener fall in the season loss.

Khanh Son Durian, Khanh Hoa province, is a famous product throughout the country because it appears in the market in the opposed crop compared to other durian varieties. Therefore, it has distinctive flavor. This year, prolonged drought has affected to this brand. Drought not only affects to production of rice, the short-term crops, but also does the perennial orchards in central provinces.    

In Khanh Son, the households had grown to 700 durian trees, but a number of durians can be counted on the fingers only. The past months, durians still bloom so much, but they keep few fruit. Although gardeners invested in a lot of capital and care.

Loss of durian season, the growers in mountainous Khanh Son were no surprise this thing because this is an unavoidable fact by prolonged drought for past months. Withered durians, rate durian fruit in the garden decreased seriously. Some gardeners try to rescue durian gardens but it is not easy to have water to irrigate perennial durian gardens. Moreover, when watering, gardeners must accept more cost. Therefore, many durian trees were neglected in drought.

After every day, 20 large and small rivers in mountainous Khanh Son district became increasingly drying up. Weather is that, while in Khanh Son does not have to water storage lakes. After area of many short-time crops have deserted. Now farmers are worry as drought continues to affect area of perennial trees.

The durian plantation is a source of income for many households in mountainous Khanh Son. Khanh Son durian is well known in the market because it has good quality, and high price. Drought took away this opportunity of farmers.

The situation is common in many parts of the current agricultural production region in the central. If production is embarrassed about irrigation water that lead losses, and higher cost. Conversely, if the farmers do not produce they would get income.

This difficulty is causing mountainous Khanh Son, Khanh Hoa province doesn’t keep the reputation of durian associated with the land region in this year.
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